The Flock of The Good Shepherd


The Flock of The Good Shepherd was established in 2010 with the purpose of providing funding for needs that can enhance the environment of The Good Shepherd Hospice House and the time that our clients and families spend there.

Over the last ten years, our membership funds have enabled the “Flock” to beautify the gardens and exterior, as well as the interior of our lovely Good Shepherd Hospice House.

Some of these items have included planters and flowers for the patio and gardens, holiday decorations, kitchenware, smart TVs, replacement linens for patient beds, staff appreciation goodies, a storage shed and a snow blower. The Flock even provides home cooked meals for families, if requested.

The work and support of The Flock truly enriches the time spent at the Hospice House. With the help of our members, we are proud to have provided so much to this special home, and we want to continue our work. As we approach our 11th anniversary of opening the hospice house on February 8, 2021, we are noticing it is time to replace some of the house’s original equipment. Specifically, there is a need for the replacement of two lift recliners to be placed in patient rooms. We hope to fulfil this need, and more, in the New Year.

We hope you will renew for 2021 or become a new member and help us carry out our mission of aiding the Hospice House. Annual individual memberships are $25. Groups can also become members for $100. Membership donations can be made online by clicking below. If you have any questions about the Flock, feel free to e-mail Jenneen LeMay ( or call the Good Shepherd Homecare & Hospice office at 537-0688.