The Flock of The Good Shepherd


The Flock of The Good Shepherd was established in 2010 with the purpose of providing funding for needs that can enhance the environment of The Good Shepherd Hospice House and the time that our clients and families spend there.

Over the last ten years, our membership funds have enabled the “Flock” to beautify the gardens and exterior, as well as the interior of our lovely Good Shepherd Hospice House.

With this fund high-quality lift chairs have been provided for our patient rooms, as well as bed and bath linens, dishes and small appliances for the kitchen, and a snow blower and an outdoor building used to store the snow blower and gardening equipment. Outdoor patio furniture has been powder coated and each year seasonal flowers are provided for the outdoor containers and last year, new televisions were provided for six of our client rooms.

This year, we would like to use our Flock Memberships to upgrade the remaining six rooms with the smart TV sets and now that the Good Shepherd Hospice House has turned 10 years old, there are items that need to be repaired or replaced. Many of the shrubs that have made the house so welcoming are in need of being replaced and the front door access system is needing an upgrade.

In addition to all of the wonderful achievements listed above, we are proud to share with our fellow members that 100% of the “Flock” funds go directly to enhance the environment at the hospice house. Whether inside or outside, these membership dollars truly make an impact on the lives of each client, family, and staff who walk through our doors.

We hope you will renew for 2020 or become a new member.  The annual membership cost is only $25.00 per individual, or $100.00 for groups. If you have any questions about the Flock, feel free to e-mail Chris Nolte or call the Homecare & Hospice office at 537-0688.